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Low Traffic Penny Auctions

One of the best kinds of bidding is done on the different sites of penny auctions where you can bid for the product you need and can get it for few pennies. There are a number of websites on the internet where these new auctions…

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Best Penny Auction Sites 2012 : the top 5

Hi folks! We decided to write down a top five of the most trusted and well known penny auction sites of 2012. The reason why is because many people have a hard time finding a great site because there are so many different sites out…

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Is Bidcactus A Scam?

BidCatus.com boasts of being able to save you 90% on items available for bidding. Those items just also happen to be the latest and greatest merchandise on and offline. Is BidCactus a scam or is it legit? Being a penny auction-bidding site, BidCatus.com follows many…

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BidCactus Review 2011 – Must Read

If you are thinking of using BidCactus, read this BidCactus review now! One of the few penny auction sites that gives you the full experience of an auction is BidCatus auction site. One of the best auctions sites that make it feel like a real…