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Best Penny Auction Sites 2012 : the top 5

Hi folks! We decided to write down a top five of the most trusted and well known penny auction sites of 2012. The reason why is because many people have a hard time finding a great site because there are so many different sites out there. This type of auction, also called competitive shopping, have become very popular and many new companies are popping out and try to take a piece of the pie. The problem that arise from this is that it is becoming more difficult to know which ones you should trust. You probably saw a lot of ads on the web that are well crafted but that does not mean it is from a legitimate company. If you use one of our recommended sites you will see that you can actually find amazing deals while having fun betting against others. If you are new to the concept of fee bidding then you should read our other posts that explain the basics of it. So here it is, the top 5 best penny auction sites 2012:

best penny auction sites

#1: BeezidVisit Website

1. Our number one is without a doubt Beezid. They have been around for a very long time and they are THE most popular and trusted penny auction site in 2012. They frequently run awesome promotions to increase even more the discount you get when you win. The support team is also great and they will help you right away if you have an issue or if you simply want to ask something. You get 50 free bids when you register and get access to “cherry auctions”. Only those who did not win an auction yet can participate in, so you will have a great chance of winning!

#2: HappyBidDayVisit Website

2. HappyBidDay
have been around since about a year now and they are growing at a crazy speed. The reason why is simple. They offer great products, low competition (for now) and an amazing costumer support. They actually are the only site we know who may accept to give you a refund in certain circumstances. They are definitely one of the top!

#3: DealDashVisit Website

3. Our third position goes to DealDash. They are one of the top penny auction site out there and that speak for itself. They get more traffic than Happybidday but you still have good winning chances and specially if you are a new member. That is because you are allowed to bid on “restricted auctions” which are restricted to those who started earlier to bid on an item. They also offer various option on several auctions which you can learn to use and then could increase your winning.

#4: ZBiddyVisit Website

4. Zbiddy
is another great site which offer items in various categories. You can find stuff from gift cards to small appliances at a fraction of the retail price. The traffic is relatively low so you will not have to compete with thousand of bidders which is great.

#5: HqBidsVisit Website

5. Another well establish site that have been around for quite some times now is HqBids. They made our top five for their incredibly high number of live auctions and the wide variety of products. They take good care of their customers and they will help you in need. A little trick to win, bid on the auctions at the bottom of the page…people don’t seem to like scrolling down. ;)

That sums up our list of the best penny auction sites 2012. When new sites come available, we test them so if we find the hidden gem then we will add it on this list, be sure of it. If you tried a site and had a great experience, please share it with us. The same apply if you had a terrible one…we will warned our readers about it.

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